Monday, January 9, 2012

The Disadvantages of Facebook

Today, I would like to story about the using of Facebook.  How the influence affected in our daily life. Everyone using Facebook as their social networking. Facebook has reach the number one  in our heart. Everyday, when woke up from sleep, first thing that we did, we  log in to the Facebook. We look to  great news, new events, great discussion. Facebook is like our breakfast. Ya, is like "Milo". Satiate our desire. In my opinion the using of Facebook making lot of disadvantages than the advantages. Lets discuss about it.

       Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg at February, year 2004. It has about 800 millions of user around the world. 

Okay, enough about the history. Now, I will talk about the bad effect of Facebook.  Firstly, the treats of viruses. As we know, by using the application in the Facebook we know that we are open to the virus, suspicious malware like trojan, zombie and e.t.c. This feature can delete, modified also spread our information by using our account. As example, spread the naked picture or video through our account to our friend. Secondly, it can waste our life. Some of us can be very addicted with Facebook. When we connected with our friends by chatting and so on, at the end we not realize we spend many hours and hours to fulfill our socializing desire. Unfortunately, you also can ruining up your professional job. Why? because you maybe one of person that unemployed and use Facebook to upload your offensive picture, that can give bad thinking to hire you. The employers have to thinks many times to offer you a job. Please, please, think better before use. Okay?
      Last but not least, as the conclusion I 'm very agree that Facebook give very much of disadvantages than advantages. However, it depends how we manage to use that. If we use to the path of good deed, than it will good,and vice versa, if we use to the path of evil, than it will be usefulness.  Think about it.

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